Motion Capture Challenge #1: (Artistic) Gymnastics

To show you the endless possibilities of Xsens motion capture, we are taking on 10 tough motion capture challenges.

The first challenge is (Artistic) Gymnastics. Actually, we have multiple challenges in this case.

You can download the actual mocap data by filling out the form.

Typical motion capture challenges for (Artistic) Gymnastics are:

  • Large motion capture volume
  • High dynamics movements
  • Many shifts in contact points

One of the big advantages of Xsens is the unlimited motion capture volume, you can use is everywhere, both inside the lab, or in this case, in the gym. And high dynamic sport situation like Gymnastics is not an easy challenge for any motion capture solution. Due to Xsens’ sophisticated motion capture engine, these challenges are overcome and you will get accurate and validated data. After using the HD Reprocessing feature of MVN Animate or MVN Analyze you will see smooth and accurate motion capture data.

To show you the unparalleled quality of this motion capture data, you can now download this data by filling out the form.