Motion Capture Challenge #9: Sprint to hard stop

This motion capture challenge demonstrates the accuracy of data while going from full sprint to a hard stop.
The advanced sensor fusion algorithms of Xsens ensure high-quality motion capture data in situations with high dynamics and rapid movement changes.
In this way, the 3D pose is accurately reconstructed while interaction with the floor is preserved even for periods exceeding the measurement range of the hardware sensing components.


Typical motion capture challenges for this stunt:

  • Drift due to sensor clipping as a result of high decelerations and accelerations
  • Foot slide and floor contact interaction
  • Large motion capture volume

As you can see in the data, these movements do not pose a problem for our motion capture engine. We did, however, find it important to show you the full capabilities of the Xsens MVN system.

To show you the quality of this motion capture data, you can download this data by filling out the form.