Motion Capture Challenge #6: Stunt (using harness and rope)

To show you the endless possibilities of Xsens motion capture, we are taking on 10 tough motion capture challenges.

The sixth challenge is a flying stunt using a harness and rope. Motion capture actor Eric Jacobus helped us out. Eric is famous for his motion capture work for Kratos in God of War.



Typical motion capture challenges for this stunt:

  • Many shifts in contact points
  • Multilevel interaction, including flying
  • Unnatural movement and hard fall

Our advanced motion capture engine is really challenged when doing a stunt like this because of the unnatural movements and many shifts in contact points. But after using the HD Reprocessing feature of MVN Animate or MVN Analyze you will see smooth and accurate motion capture data. Also, capturing motion using a harness and ropes puts a lot of stress on the sensors due to the sudden change in movements and fall, our sophisticated motion capture engine can overcome these challenges. 

To show you the unparalleled quality of this motion capture data, you can now download this data by filling out the form.