Xsens Full Body + Dynamixyz Facial MoCap Solutions: Syncing The Pipeline Into Unreal And Unity

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Title: Xsens Full Body + Dynamixyz Facial MoCap solutions: Syncing the pipeline into Unreal and Unity
Date: June 3rd
Time: 10 AM Central European Time (CET) 
Duration: 60 minutes

Technical and Pipeline Training of how to sync Xsens MVN Full Body MoCap system with Dynamixyz Facial MoCap solutions. Following topics will be covered;
  • Introduction to new sync of Xsens and Dynamixyz systems to enable the best Full Body+Facial MoCap
  • Expert advice on how to set up Facial MoCap and target them onto a character
  • Integration options into Unity and Unreal
  • Live demo of full character in Unreal/Unity
  • Answering questions coming in through Chat

We are looking forward to meeting you online on June 3rd!

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